1. Bermuda triangle is one of the two places on the earth in which compass doesn’t show the Magnetic North. In 1492, Christopher Columbus mentioned in his journal that his compass didn’t point the north on his voyage over the triangle and he saw the strange mysterious light in the sky which is now believed by many of them that he mentioned a UFO(unidentified flying object).

    Bermuda triangle(on the left) and Dragon Triangle(on the right side, called as Pacific Bermuda triangle) are the two places in the earth where the compass did not point the Magnetic North but point true North. These two places were the ships and planes are vanished mysteriously
  2. The name Bermuda triangle was first proposed by¬†Vincent H Gaddis who wrote an article in the Magazine Argosy in 1964. Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda are the boundaries of the triangle which covers over 500000 square miles. Each year average of 60 ships and 5 planes disappear and can’t find any debris this makes the Bermuda Triangle as a most mysterious place in the earth.

    The Name Bermuda Triangle was first coined in Argosy Magazine front cover in 1964.

    The Triangle which covers the area of Miami, Bermuda, Puerto Rico over 500000 square miles.
  3. Mary Celeste is an American schooner which sailed on November 7th, 1872 from Newyork to Genoa, Italy. Captian Benjamin(who lead the Mary Celeste) and his wife and two-year-old daughter and 7 crew members on board, with transporting the cargo of 1700 barrels of alcohol. On December 4th, 1872 the ship name Dei Gratia found the Mary Celeste sailing erratically with no crew members on board and ship contains cargo intact and reserved food supplies for 6months, except the missing crew members and lifeboat and navigational instruments. Still, now there is no trace of captain Benjamin and his crew members. Many suggest that they become the victim of the triangle.
    In 1872, the sailing ship Dei Gratia founds the Mary Celeste with no one on board.

    The American Schooner ‘Mary Celeste‘.
  4. In 1854, Ellen Austin, which was American schooner used to travel between the London to Newyork over the Bermuda triangle. In December 1880, one of its voyage from London to NewYork, Ellen Austin came across the Unidentified schooner, strangely with no one onboard and there was no sign of any violence. Captian of the Ellen Austin moved to the abandon ship, order some of his crew to salvage the ship. Two days of sail on a calm ocean, the storm separated the two ships on the third day, when a storm passed there was no sign of the unidentified ship. Two days later, again unidentified ship came across the Ellen Austin without the crews that have sent by a captain to salvage the ship.Captian again sent off some of his crews to salvage the ship. After few days the unidentified ship once again disappeared and never traced. Captain continued his voyage to Newyork and reached around February 1881. Still, now there is no sign of crew members sent to salvage and stranges ship.
    In 1880, Ellen Austin came across Unidentified schooner with no one on board.

    The American schooner ‘Ellen Austin
  5. Bruce Grenon, the man who experienced the Time Warp through the Electronic fog, In 1970 Bruce Grenon and his father flew his airplane atAndross town in Island of Bahamas to the Palm beach in Miami weather was in good condition while he took off the plane, after few minutes he saw a cloud that he had never seen before of only 500 feet above the ocean, cloud caught up and engulfed his plane, after 10 minutes run away of cloud, the plane finally flew over 11,500 feet and sky was clear. Then he noticed another massive cloud nearby the Bimini island, he tried to outbreak the cloud which has u shaped hole in between the cloud, while he reached the strange fog he had the strange feeling of weightlessness and all of his electronic devices are malfunctioned. finally emerging out of the fog, they headed directly to the palm beach in 30 minutes. Actually, it takes 75 minutes to reach Andros to palm beach. It suggests that there is a possible time warp in Bermuda triangle.

    Bruce Grenon who traveled Andros Island in the Bahamas to palm beach in Miami experienced Electronic fog in which he senses the zero gravity for few minutes when he finally emerges out from the fog, he reached palm beach within 30 minutes. Actually, it took 75 minutes to travel Andros to Miami.
  6. Survivors of the Bermuda Triangle tells that their electronic instruments had malfunctioned for few minutes. Here comes twin survivers George and David Rothschild was flew over the Bermuda triangle to their home because of the sudden death on their family, after the few minutes of flying electronic instruments of the plane are malfunctioned and their pilot became panic-stricken, then co-pilot takes the charge and after 15minutes passed everything gets in control, instruments worked normally and they landed safely. But nobody knows what happened to them still, now it can’t be explained.

    Twins George and David Rothschild’s plane electronic Instrument got malfunctioned. After few minutes everything came into control and they landed safely.
  7. Many suggest the different theories for the strange occurrences of the Bermuda triangle. But there is no logical explanation for the some of a ship and planes lost in the triangle. Still, the Mystery of Bermuda triangle remains Mysterious.

    Theories for the mysterious vanishment over the Bermuda triangle

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