u must know this: top 5 apps of November 2017


  1. MICROSOFT EDGE BROWSER: is now available on Android and IOS. In this Browser, User can continue his browsing from the mobile device to pc using ”continue on pc ” option, in which user can open the same website in pc that visited in mobile using Microsoft account. It has QR code reader option which reads the code and fetches the data and displays it on users mobile devices. Edge also have ”ín private tab option which doesn’t save any cookies and browsing histories.
    Microsft Edge Browser.

  2. SIDEBAR- VmSWIPE:  VmSWIPE is a sidebar which assists you to access your mobile apps. when you install the app and enable the vmswipe, you can see a sidebar which will pop on your right side of the mobile, it allows you to add a shortcut for favorite apps which you can access in a flexible way.  
  3. LOOPSIE-Cinemagraph, Living Photo: LOOPSIE is the camera app which has Cinemagraphs(is the mix between image and video). While using loopsie camera app, the user should take the picture of movable things, so the user can create the cinemagraphs. Then app have the option to animate the movable things to get into motion in the picture . Using this app user can experience the Moving picture
  4. PORTRA- Stunning Art filter: PORTRA is a camera app, this is one of the most fascinating app for users. This is a great app for Art lovers who now can draw their pictures through this app.
  5. DUMPSTER-Undelete & Restore Pictures and videos: This app can restore or recover the accidentally deleted files, images, videos of users gallery. The main functionality of this app is to back up the deleted files from users device. It can instantly restore the deleted files. It works as a Recycle bin on the user’s device. This app is the most significant app for everyone.

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