1. Bhangarh fort was built by Bhagwant Singh in 1573 AD, which is dedicated to his younger son Madho Singh. Ajabgarh fort was built by Ajab Singh who is the Grandson of Madho Singh.
  2. Due to the unfortunate incidents occur while staying inside the fort at night, like missing people without a trace. Government restrains the visitors to stay at the Fort before sunrise and after sunset.
  3. Before erupting the Bhangarh Fort king ask the consent of the sadhu Guru Balu Nath who used to meditate in the area. Guru Balu Nath gave the consent with one condition of, Shadow of the Fort should Never fall on his dwelling, if the shadow falls on his meditating area, then the city will be undone. The King Madho Singh built the Fort under Guru Balu Nath condition. After the death of King Chatr Sing (son of King Madho Singh), Ajab Singh who took the throne, and expand the Fort in which shadow falls on the sadhu’s house. Ever since Roof of the houses began to collapse in the villages nearby the fort.
  4. Princess Ratnavati was the daughter of Chatr Singh, she was the most attractive women in Bhangarh. At that time Black magician who lived in the Bhangarh called Singhia attracted to the Princess and try to allure her by using his black magic in a perfume bottle which princess uses regularly, princess already aware of it, she threw the bottle onto the boulder which rolled towards him and crushed him. He cursed the princess and the Bhangarh before his death. A year later, there was a battle between Bhangarh and Ajabgarh, in which Princess Ratnavati and half of the population in Bhangarh wiped out.
  5. Bhangarh Fort is abandoned for over two centuries after the Chalisa Famine. In 1951 ASI(Archeological Survey of India) takes over the control of Bhangarh Fort.
  6. Often, Local people hear the sound of the crying women from the fort. People who stayed at night experienced the Strange Happenings.
  7. Bhangarh Fort has no Electricity, which looks like fort is dedicated to Darkness after sunset.


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