u must know this: top 5 facts of cryptocurrency


  1. Cryptocurrency is a DIGITAL Currency or Cash or Money, which can be accessed only through e-wallet.
  2. Cryptocurrency removes the need for banks and Money exchanging networks, to exchange money between two people around anywhere in the world.
  3. Generally, currencies(like a dollar, INR etc,.) are created and controlled by the Bank or Central government. Cryptocurrency can be created by anyone in the world(called as Miners) and it can be controlled only by the person who holds it. By solving complicated Mathematical problems crypto Miners earn a new Cryptocurrency.
  4. Each Cryptocurrency transactions are recorded in the public ledger is called as Blockchain. This public ledger is maintained and updated by the Miners.
  5. Many Cryptocurrencies are available in online during recent years. In these top 3 Cryptocurrencies are,

Bitcoin: It is the First Cryptocurrency invented in 2008 by Satoshi Nakomoto. Its current value is $6,423.21.
Etherum: It is invented in 2015 Vitalik Buterin. Its current value is $620.78.
Litecoin: It is invented in 2011 by Vincent Durham. Its current value is $113.63.

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