U must know this:  12 Facts of Hitler

  1. Hitler was born in Austria on 20th April 1889.
  2. Hitler’s ambition was to become an Artist. But VIENNA’S ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS rejected his application twice.
  3. To avoid Lung Cancer, German doctors (are first in the world) suggested getting rid of tobacco. In, first Modern Anti-smoking campaign was conducted by Hitler.
  4. Hitler banned Animal experimentation instead, he did to people who stayed in the concentration camps.
  5. The German National Prize for Art and Science was awarded only to the Nine people between 1937-1939. No more awards are issued after Germany declares Second World War.
  6. Due to the Munich Agreement signed, Time Magazine selected Hitler as ‘Man of the Year‘.
  7. The Member of the Swedish government EDG Brandt nominated Hitler for Noble Peace Prize as a joke, and it didn’t well receive by Swedish Government and they forced to withdraw the nomination.
  8. Nazi Germany tried to change the Christmas as “Winter Solstice and re-birth of Sun“.
  9. Operation BERNHARD is to counterfeit the British pounds to break down the British Economy.
  10. Hitler wished to build the Museum after the Second World War.
  11. During Second World War, Six million Jews, and the equal number of Christians, Homosexuals are massacred in the Concentration Camps.
  12. There were 42 attempts to murder Hitler. He survived all, but in the end, he committed suicide.


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